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Oct '08

Etosha pictures

I am back in Windhoek now. I fly home tomorrow (arriving home Monday afternoon). Before I go, here are the Etosha pictures I have long promised. I took around 500 pictures there, here are a few select ones. I will put the rest up on the album when I get home.

First, some giraffes:

On the first night I saw a rhinosaurus. It was the only rhino I saw in the park.

Zebras were everywhere:

As were Impala

Herds of buffalo roamed the grasslands

An Oryx:

And now, for the elephants!

This is the old looking elephant that kept staring at me. A bit scary isn’t he

A herd of elephants:

I also saw some kitties:

This one thought that SOMETHING looked delicious:

This lion is guarding a zebra carcass

Some ravens (I guess they’re ravens) are trying to get a bite.

But the lions aren’t sharing. Kitty pounces!

Looks like the ravens will have to go without dinner for tonight.

A sunset in Etosha

An Etosha sunrise:

Once I get home, there will be many more pics from Africa (probably over 1000!) in my online photo album, I will post an update once they are up. Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Etosha pictures”

  1. Steve S Says:

    Wow! Those are amazing, I really want to go to Africa sometime now.

  2. Jen Says:

    Josh!! That is SOOOO awesome!!!! Steve sent me the link so I could check it out. I love this site!!! Going to have to see what I have missed the past few months!!! Living vicariously through you!!!

    Take care! Miss ya!

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