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Oct '08

Etosha: Day Two

Today I did about 7 hours worth of driving through Etosha National Park, and there is still much of it I haven’t explored.

It was like watching the discovery channel live. Herds of wild zebra are everywhere, along with tons of elk (at least they look like elk, maybe they’re springbok). I also saw a couple of elephants, a pack of hyenas fighting over some animal carcass. Oh yeah, I also saw some lions. Two of them were guarding a zebra carcass they just felled. Ravens were trying to get a piece of it, but the lions weren’t into sharing, so they kept pouncing on the ravens when they got too close.

I of course got lots of pics, but I can’t post any until I get back to Windhoek (thanks Steve S. for the zoom lens. It’s a godsend).

Hopefully I’ll see a leopard tomorrow.

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  1. Dad Says:


    looks like you’re having fun there.

    tell me again when you are coming home, is it the same as your itenerary?

    be safe,


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