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Sep '08

Armed Response

Southern Africa (namely, South Africa and to a lesser extent Namibia) has a certain “edginess” to it which I don’t really like. It seems wherever I go there are private security companies advertising ARMED RESPONSE for any attempted break-ins. It seems that almost every property owner has hired these security companies. They probably have little choice due to the high crime. Electric fences are also popular decor.

The crime rate aside, Cape Town is a pretty nice place. I actually stayed in what Tim Brown would call a “right-wing suburb” known as Camps Bay. It has an excellent beach although the weather was a bit cold, with some periods of rain. Here are some pictures.

This mound is known as “Lion’s Head”

Some Camps Bay sunsets (it was rather cloudy):

I am now in Namibia – in the capital Windhoek. I like the name of this city because it sounds like “Ren Hoek” from Ren & Stimpy. I’ll be spending a few days here relaxing, and then a few days on safari, and then I finally fly home.

This city isn’t really that interesting. It’s Southern Africa with a German flavor (lots of German speakers and German street names). Speaking of street names, one funny thing I did find was some of the streets that are named after dictators:

(You may need to click on the pic to enlarge it in order to read the sign)

I’ll try to blog while on safari if I get a good signal. Otherwise, I’ll blog when I return!

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  1. Paul Says:


    I imagine you are cruising around the wilds of Namibia as I write this. I hope you were able to get a vehicle as you were planning. Anyhow have fun, looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pics.


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