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Sep '08

Kulula lost my luggage (updated)

My checked luggage, which survived intact hopping flights between Rwanda and Ethiopia, and between Ethiopia and Johannesburg, South Africa, mysteriously vanished while in the custody of South African discount airline It was supposed to be in Cape Town, where I am now, but it has yet to appear.

Luckily it was mostly clothes, I still have the most important stuff. Everything else can be replaced if worst case happens and the luggage is gone forever. Still a damn inconvenience having to buy some additional stuff.

Oh well. Only thing I can do wait and see if the stuff shows up.

Update: my lost luggage just showed up at 11pm. Now I can rest easy!


2 Responses to “Kulula lost my luggage (updated)”

  1. Paul Says:

    The adventure continues,

    Can’t wait to hear all about South Africa.
    Glad to see your bags arrived I always hate when they put the bags on flights other than the one you are on. They eventually get to the destination but only after a good long wait. Well have fun and kick back in Cape Town


  2. ceny sterydow na czarnym rynku Says:

    Hej. Widzę, że masz świetna strone. Bardzo ciekawa. Sporo uzytecznych informacji. Pozdrawiam ceny sterydow na czarnym rynku

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