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Sep '08

Some Kili Pics

Hey all. I’m still in Rwanda. Not much going on for me right now, just pretty much relaxing.

I’ve told you I would post some Kili pics, and here they are. When I get home I will post all of the pics I’ve taken on my photo album ( Enjoy these in the meantime.

Day 1

Kibo Peak (the tallest of Kilimanjaro’s three peaks) is still very distant.

A shot of Kili in the moonlight:

Day 2

Things got a bit cloudier

But we journey onwards…

Another nice shot of the mountain:

And the sun has set:

Day 3

I think this is where the moon landing was filmed

Into the mist:

We encountered some elephant bones on a mound

Another nice shot of Kibo:

We began walking in the clouds

Day 4

This is the Lava Tower at the Day 4 camp

Another shot of Kilimanjaro during dusk:

Day 5

This part of Kili is known as the Western Breach – a valley inside of a mountain.

Day 6

We woke up to discover we were above the clouds!

Kibo is very close now

Also, a shot of Mawenzi, Kilimanjaro’s second highest peak

Day 7

After over 5 hours of steep walking, we reached an area known as Stella Point at sunrise. Uhuru peak, the summit, is very close now.

And we made it. Extra credit if you can identify Yours Truly

The glaciers near the top are pretty spectacular as well

That is all I have for now. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Michael Jordan (CIC) Says:

    Josh. I don’t see you in the Kili pic. WHich one are you? If you say you’re holding the camera that’s not proof you’re there. I could say I am holding the camera (:->)
    Sounds like you’re hvang a geat time. Nice pix
    God Bless
    Michael Jordan from CIC

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