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Sep '08

I summited! (Or: Kilimanjaro Day Seven

Well I am happy to report that I summited Kilimanjaro. Not much to say except it was a VERY difficult and long day. But I am glad it’s almost over (we still have a 3 hour walk to the final camp, ugh).

When I get a chance I will post some pictures.


5 Responses to “I summited! (Or: Kilimanjaro Day Seven”

  1. Charlie E. Says:

    Josh, congrats on your summit accomplishment! We are there with you… well, most of us would like to be there to see the world with the perspectives that you are realizing… enjoy the moments…

  2. Paul Says:


    You made it!, we were looking at the route and the summit looked step so I can imagine it was an effort, anyhow as Charlie said, “enjoy it”.

    Just be careful comming down now eh?

  3. Steve S Says:

    Congrats man, that is awesome. What is your occupation today? :)

    Can’t wait for pictures, be safe!

  4. Ryan T Says:

    Looks like all that stair walking has paid off. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like to reach the top. I’m sure words and photos will not do it justice (I am looking forward to seeing them).

    btw, you missed taco salad today (lol).

  5. Jesse M Says:

    Grats. Take care!

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