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Sep '08

Kilimanjaro: Day Two

Written at 5:40pm local time (7 hours ahead of EDT)

Altitude: 12750 feet

I am now at day 2′s camp (Shira camp). Today’s walk lasted about 6 hours and was very pleasant, despite some steep climbing at times. The weather was also sunny and nice, and it only started raining once we reached camp.

I’ll now tell everyone about the group I’m treking with. There are 11 of us, not including the staff. Since I booked this with a UK company, most of the group are British, the only exceptions being myself and a fellow from Singapore. Horribly, I find that I’m starting to pick up the accent.

Our guide has the unusual name “Happyson”, which I have decided to change to Happy-san (Mr Happy in Japanese). Although I don’t think he’s picked up the distinction.

I also had my first altitude headache today, but it was mild and has now subsided.

At each camp we are required to sign in and fill in info about ourselves, including occupation. Today, I decided to list “Vagabond” as my occupation. I may decide to be a Pirate tomorrow.

This is turning out to me a really fun trip, and I’m having a blast. I hope everyone back home is doing ok!

Cheers! (

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  1. Paul Says:

    Day 2

    Sounds like you made good progress and it’s not just simple hiking but you have some climbing to do. So the camp (Shira camp) must have internet access, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised the guides probably need access to the rest of the world in case of emergency. Sounds like a good sized group as well 11 not too big but not small either. Well keep us up to date on the progress.

    It’s Weds here so it’s the ol routine tonight


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