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Sep '07

Beirut pictures

Hey all. I’m in Beirut now. I’ll just say the city really isn’t anything like I expected. It is the exact opposite of Syria in that it is very westernized. French influence is very acute here also, which is why it was called the “Paris of the East” with its many outdoor cafes.

beirut1.jpg beirut2.jpg beirut3.jpg beirut4.jpg

I’ll be staying here for the rest of this week, probably making a day trip to Baalbek to see Roman and Phonecian ruins somewhere in between. Think I’m going to go get a beer now. Later.

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  1. Guess who Says:

    Good to see ya made it to Beirut
    You’ll have to tell me what the Beer is like in Beirut.
    I imagine the food is probably good as well. I’m surprized
    to hear that it still has a lot of French influence.
    I’ve heard the “Paris of the east” comment before but
    would have thought much of that influence to have diminished

    anyhow just finishing up at work, time to leave,
    I’ll have a Beer as well at habits


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