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Sep '07

So I am now in Aleppo

…and still unable to upload pictures. Grrr. I do not expect to be able to upload any until I get to Beirut. Grrr x100!

Yesterday I went to the city’s old Citadel, which was the city’s central fortress and used by the crusaders and others to defend Aleppo. The inside of the citadel wall was neater than I expected, with many steps and cavernous passages. Since the citadel sits on a high mound it also gives great views of the city below.

Other than that I haven’t been doing too much, just taking it easy. Today I went shopping at the souks and bought gifts for mom and dad. I think walking through the souk is a good way to experience the vibe of the orient. All around you hear customers and shopkeepers talking to each other trying to agree on a good price – because there are no set prices in the souk. You bargain on everything. Also you get to see the great variety of items for sale. From tshirts to jewelry to spices and even goat carcasses can be bought all just a few feet from each other.

After shopping I went to the Christian quarter to eat, since this area is reputed to have the best restaurants in Aleppo. This part of town has narrow maze-like streets like the old city sections of Aleppo and Damascus and is quite a treat to just walk around in. I also carry a GPS so I don’t get lost.

I got some sunburn on my face from Palmyra, but otherwise I’m doing fine. Haven’t gotten the “travellers diahrrea”, at least not yet!

I’ll be in Aleppo until Wednesday, on which I’ll head to the city of Hama and the Crac (Krac?) des Cheveliers castle. I should be in Beirut by Friday.

Take care everyone!


2 Responses to “So I am now in Aleppo”

  1. Guess who Says:

    Hello again,

    Glad to see you’re seeing some cool sites, too bad about
    not being able to post the pictures but if you think about
    it, it’s pretty amazing we can communicate via this WEB site. Must admit, I’ve not heard of some of these cities
    you’re visiting, tried googling, but they don’t seem to
    have much data for the area (Aleppo for example)
    I’ll have to try my ol’ Atlas. Hope to hear and maybe see
    some pics once ya get to Beruit and of coarse back to cincinnati and aikido


  2. foxbat Says:


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