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Sep '07

More Damascus pics

As this is my last night in Damascus I thought I would put more pics up. I’m headed to the town of Palmyra tomorrow, which is an oasis in the desert where the Romans built a town and temples.

Saladin Statue

Just outside of the old city is this statue of Saladin on a horse, fighting of Frankish crusaders.

Entrance to Souk al-Hamidiyeh

This is the entrance to the Souk al-Hamidiyeh, the shopping hub of the city. A souk is basically a street containing a line of shops on either side, selling various goods such as clothing and jewelry. There are also smaller more specialized souks, for instance there’s a separate souk which branches off the main souk that sells mainly spices, and another that sells gold.

Umayyad Mosque 1

Once outside of the souk at the other end I was at the old Umayyad Mosque. As Damascus was the capital of the original Islamic empire, this was probably the most important mosque outside of the holy cities during the earliest days of Islam. However, before it was a mosque, it was a church. And before it was a church it was a Greek temple.

Umayyad Mosque 2

The inside of the mosque is rather dark, but you can see in the center the grave of John the Baptist (who is also a prophet in Islam) .

And finally, some pictures of Old Damascus. Many of the streets in the old city are too narrow to drive a car through, which is quite a welcome relief from dealing with Damascus traffic.

Old Damascus 3 Old Damascus 2 Old Damascus 1


2 Responses to “More Damascus pics”

  1. Karen Says:

    Hello from CFC! You take great pictures! I’m so jealous! Such an old place to visit! We are checking up on you.

  2. KristiXYL Says:

    Love you Josh!! Im so proud of you.

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