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Sep '07

Inshallah, I shall post this blog entry

Been having difficulties with posting this due to general internet crappiness here. Hopefully this one will go through

I somehow ended up in the Jordanian capital, Amman yesterday. I was planning on taking a bus into downtown but when I found out they closed the central bus station and moved it away from the city center, I decided to bite the bullet and take a taxi to my hotel.

A couple of things I noticed on the way:

We passed a truck that had a big Taliban flag sticker on the side. I guess that’s their equivalent of our “War on Terror” bumper stickers. Didn’t get a pic though.

Anyone associated with the King gets to put emergency lights in his car. If he flashes them, legally you HAVE to give way. It’s good to be the king.

I got woken up in the morning to the first call for prayer, which seems to be at 4:30am. Which after listening it for a minute didn’t really bother me much. The rhythm was eerie yet soothing. It kind of reminded me of an opera since, even though I didn’t understand the words, it seemed to be telling a story. It lasted about 15 minutes or so.

After all of that I got ready and hopped on a bus to Petra.

The Petra complex is BIG, much bigger than I first thought. You can spend up to an hour walking up steps carved out of rock to get to a single building. Of course there was the option of riding a camel or donkey around the site, which I regretfully didn’t take. And now, some pictures:

Treasury Facade

The Treasury facade is the single most iconic structure in Petra, and it’s the first building you see upon entering Petra city. It absolutely dominates the view.

Petra Theater

Another significant structure is the amphitheater. It was originally built during the Nabataean period but was expanded during Roman times to accommodate the gladiator games.

Nabataean Monastary

The Monastery (Jabal Al-Deir) required about an hour climb to get to, but it was worth it. It’s facade was even larger than the Treasury.

Al-Bint Nebataean Temple

Qasr Al-Bint was a Nabataean temple, and the last freestanding building (ie not carved into rock) still standing.

I’m planning on taking a bus to Damascus, Syria tomorrow morning. Hopefully in the next few days I can have pics from Syria up. It depends on my ability to find a decent internet connection, of course.


8 Responses to “Inshallah, I shall post this blog entry”

  1. Guess who Says:

    Guess who ?
    Seems like you’re on the move alot enjoying yourself. The pic’s and explainations really cool!
    Clue: Tonight will be the usual routine at after practice HABITS I’ll tell all about the website! Sorry if this sounds (reads) disjointed but I just thought I’d see if ya made it and are posting things

    Back to work

  2. Karen Says:

    Hello From CFC! Looks like you made it OK. The pictures are great! Enjoy yourself and be careful!
    We all will check back on you tomorrow!

  3. KristiXYL Says:

    email me, josh!

    luv, your aunt


  4. Greg Says:

    Did you see Indiana Jones there or his Dad?

    Stay out of trouble.

  5. foxbat Says:

    I could use a godzilla burger about now..

  6. Strope Says:

    Very cool pictures, the sheer size of those building is amazing. Be safe.

  7. Tony G Says:


    Interesting adventures, to say the least.

    Regards, Tony G

  8. Pranove Says:

    oddio, forse una mia impressione (peraltro letaga agli ultimi screenshots, il che lascia il tempo che trova) ma mi sembra che il dettaglio grafico sia leggermente sceso.le strutture poligonali degli ambienti sembrano un po’ pi spigolose rispetto agli screens rilasciati qualche mese fa e ho l’impressione che sar presente un po’ di, tuttavia, dovesse rimanere fluido come nei video mostrati, credo che anche i “difetti” temuti (ma, ribadisco, frutto di un’impressione) non dovrebbero incidere sull’esperienza visiva e ludica.per il resto i nemici sembrano ancora favolosi e i giochi di luce eccellenti ma questa sembra sia essere il vero punto di forza del wii). [anche della ps2 si disse che era assolutamente inferiore alle piattaforme nintendo e microsoft ma poi, a causa della massiccia diffusione, le softwarehouse dovettero impegnarsi a fondo per spremere ogni singola capacit dell'emotion engine per presentare (a fronte di una concorrenza sempre pi agguerrita) prodotti cosmeticamente pi soddisfacenti appianando il gap con l'xbox e il gamecube (gli ultimi giochi per ps2 non hanno nulla da invidiare a quelli che girano sulle altre console).la situazione attuale del wii non diversa: si imposto sul mercato, ora si imporr anche come piattaforma di riferimento; il problema sar per gli utenti sony e microsoft che "subiranno" giochi multipiattaforma che sfrutteranno solo in parte le potenzialit delle loro macchine.prima con ps2, ora wii... sar che sono tifoso del napoli ma se non soffro non mi diverto.]

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